Applications for Mel’s Group Coaching Program are currently CLOSED.    But the good news is that the Bali Retreats are now OPEN and ready for you to explore and join.

Ladies, Become The Most Confident & Successful Version Of Yourself 

YOUR Coach

Melanie Schilling, Australian Psychologist + Women’s Success Coach, is no longer taking on private clients due to her busy event + media schedule.

However, the good news is that Mel has created a new program offering group coaching for a small collective of women.

You watched Mel coach and mentor the couples on Channel 9’s Married At First Sight – now, it’s your turn. The Best Life Project offers you intimate group coaching (without the TV cameras).

Get up close and personal with one of Australia’s favourite psychologists and join a small group of like-minded women for a supportive, educational, inspirational monthly program.




AUD $197 per month

Sign up for The Best Life Project and get access to Mel’s group coaching program and support group every month

Why not invite your girlfriends?



You are busy and time is precious.

You control how much or little time you dedicate to The Best Life Project.  One hour per month is the minimum requirement – the rest is up to you.


100% online from the privacy of your own home.

No embarrassing moments of standing up in front of  a group and sharing your secrets.  And of course, it’s available on all your devices.



24/7 private support group.

It’s great to know other women are going through the same challenges and triumphs in life.  Celebrate and support each other in your exclusive FB group.


Invest wisely and save cash.

Group coaching is the most cost effective way to invest in yourself.  Individual sessions with Mel are AUD $500/hour so this is a great way to access coaching results.


  • Increased confidence
  • Reassurance that others are going through the same life challenges
  • Validation that your thoughts and feelings are normal
  • Greater balance in your life and integration of self, career and relationships
  • New life skills to help you master life’s challenges
  • Renewed optimism and a positive outlook on life
  •  Creative ways to manage stress and and overcome obstacles
  • Greater resilience through confidence building, mutual support and personal triumphs
  • Greater levels of calm and relaxation due to having a safe place to vent, brainstorm and find solutions
  • More empowerment in your relationships and greater confidence to assert yourself
  • New clarity about your career and life purpose, and goals for the future


Coaching 800 x 800

Every month, Mel will conduct 3 group coaching sessions, via video conference.  Week one will address yourSELF and mindset, week two, your career and life purpose, and week three, your relationships and love.  You can opt in to any or all of the sessions, depending on your needs each month.   There will be a limit of 10 women per session, so it’s first in best dressed. You will have the opportunity to submit questions to Mel prior to each session and of course, you can interact with her during the sessions.  


You will be invited into Mel’s Private Facebook Group as soon as you join The Best Life Project.  This will give you ongoing access to the group for daily support and sounding boards, as well as access to Mel each week.  This is where you will submit your questions for Mel to cover in the next coaching session. Mel will upload resources and tip sheets in here so it’s a fabulous place to hang out.


As a member of The Best Life Project, you will have direct email access to Mel. This is something reserved for Mel’s private clients only, and is a valuable asset on your personal development journey.  Sometimes, you might need a private 1:1 chat with Mel and may not want to share it with the group. Mel will respond to you within 24 hours.


The group coaching program has been designed to address the underlying psychological factors that drive you, enabling you to make empowered, smart, strategic decisions in each aspect of your life.

Scientific research has shown that you get results where you put your focus. Our experience shows that when you only focus on yourself and career (at the expense of your relationships) you can feel isolated.

When you only focus on yourself and your relationships (at the expense of your career) you can feel unfulfilled. And when you only focus on your career and relationships (at the expense of yourself), you can feel like you’re on autopilot.

Our comprehensive approach to The Best Life Project covers all 3 factors and ensures that you establish balance and fulfilment in each of these critical areas of your life.


It all starts with YOU.  Your relationship with yourself is the basis of all your relationships so it pays to get it right.  We will work together on your mindset, your thinking patterns, your anxiety and stress, your perceptions and your self esteem.  The Self Sessions will help you to master your internal chatter and become more resilient in the face of every day challenges.

Is it time for a career change?  Perhaps you’re ready to start your own business?  Having trouble navigating a tricky dynamic at work?  Maybe you have no idea of what you want to do?  Our Career Sessions will help you build confidence and clarity about your professional life and teach you to step into Career Mastery (that is, owning it!)

Single and looking for love?  In a relationship and not sure if it’s right for you? Having doubts about your friendships?  Trying to navigate sticky family relationship issues?  Our Love Sessions will provide you with tools to help you get clear about what you want (and deserve) and empower you to get your needs met in relationships.



AUD $197 per month

Sign up for The Best Life Project and get access to Mel’s group coaching program and support group every month

Why not invite your girlfriends?


Mel will run 3 group coaching sessions per month; the first week of the month will be the Self Session, the second week, the Career Session and the third week, the Love Session.  Once you join The Best Life Project you will gain access to the private Facebook group where you will find the login details for the online coaching sessions.

Yes.  Mel is committed to keeping the coaching groups small so you’ll have lots of opportunities for 1:1 and small group interaction with her.  Of course, you’ll have direct email access to Mel too, for the more personal conversations.

Speak up!  Mel is all about openness and empathy and she’s very open to feedback.  So let her know if you are not happy with anything, and she will do her best to address your needs.

Good question!  As a psychologist registered with AHPRA (Psychology Board of Australia) Mel is not permitted to publish testimonials.  If you have questions about the experience of previous participants, please contact the team at info@melanieschilling.com and we’ll be happy to share some case studies and anecdotes.

Mel will run one session on each focus area per month (that is, one Self Session, one Career Session and one Love Session)  If you can’t make your preferred session that month, you can either pop into one of the other sessions or wait until next month.

No.  Although Mel is a registered psychologist, this program offers general advice and is not a replacement for therapy.