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On a professional note

As a highly recognised and respected thought-leader in inspiring confidence, courage and competence, Melanie Schilling challenges limits and redraws boundaries to captivate and empower elevated self-awareness. It’s these prized hallmarks which have earned her recognition as one of Australia’s highest profile therapists, most notably in her role on Channel Nine’s Married At First Sight in which she fast became a firm favourite amongst Australian audiences.

And as a qualified specialist in human behavioural performance and purpose, Mel’s relentless ambition to discover and celebrate the exceptional individual inside all of us sees her remain in high demand for motivational speaking engagements the world over.

Captivating, empowering and with graceful radiance, she effortlessly connects audiences with ideas that endeavour to inspire confidence, courage and competence in contemporary communications capabilities.

It’s a reflection of her visionary mindset that with a deep sense of self-worth and unwavering belief that even if we fail, we’re all still on the path to success.

With a reputation for asking confronting questions and holding everyone accountable for their actions, Mel uses her depth of experience across 20 years of practice to educate and entertain, intuitively blending science-backed research, aspirational anecdotes and interactive audience participation to ensure everyone always learns something new.

That’s why when Mel Schilling speaks, people pay attention.

There’s a pattern to every breakthrough in life, and for Mel Schilling it all starts with three clear fundamentals: Confidence, courage and competence.

These three ‘C’ words have underpinned every bold move, career choice, business risk and life decision she’s ever made.

On a personal note

As a highly recognised and respected thought-leader in inspiring confidence, courage and competence, Melanie Schilling challenges limits and redraws. At slightly over 5 foot tall, I’m quite the tiny package and people often comment “oh you’re so much smaller than you seem on TV” when they meet me. But I pack a whole lot of energy into this small frame and what I lack in height, I reckon I make up for in enthusiasm!

I believe in making a positive impact on people. I like to think that after I leave an interaction with someone, they feel a little more buoyant, optimistic and confident than when we met. As the wonderful Maya Angelou said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” and this is something I live by.

The most important lesson I have learned from my travels is (excuse the cliche) ‘Home is where the heart is’. Now that I have my little family, it doesn’t matter where we are on the planet, as long as we are together, that’s home. As a late-comer to the parenting game – I had Maddie via IVF at 42 – I’ve come to really value the love and connection of my tribe.

I love nothing more than an intense workout (functional fitness and yoga are my favourites), a skinny latte, some time to myself with my laptop, a chat with close friends and a glass of wine with my bloke. The (not so) glamorous life in the media spotlight gives me a real buzz;

I love the excitement of creating a show that challenges people’s beliefs and assumptions about relationships, and I really treasure the moments when I get to show the ‘real me’ as I confront bad behaviour or get caught on camera pulling faces. I especially enjoy the privilege of being one of the first therapists on Australian TV, a responsibility that I take very seriously. And, who can argue with a red carpet walking, champagne-sipping evening at The Logies each year…?

But, when I’m at home with my family and friends, it’s a glam-free zone. I’m a fresh faced, Mum-bun kinda girl and you’ll probably find me doing a grocery shop or pawing over my laptop in a cafe. As a family, we do our best to juggle our life, my consulting and media commitments in Australia and my hubby, Gareth’s business interests in the USA. We don’t always get it right and I’m only too familiar with the feelings of ‘Mummy Guilt’ but we are learning.

In 2018, we were married in Bali and it counts as one of the finest moments in my life. I’m so grateful for what I have and excited about the future.

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