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Empowering Women to Return to the Post-Lockdown Workplace with Vigour, Confidence + the Motivation to Thrive

“I’m acutely aware that many people are currently juggling a surreal hybrid work/life existence and are soon to step into a very different, permanently altered work life.  What’s clear to me, is that organisations need people to be agile, to adjust and be psychologically robust in order to thrive in the New Normal.  While working from home, focus is often scattered and many people are just getting by, simply functioning.

Organisations will need employees to move from functioning to flourishing as quickly as possible.”


This is a flexible development program, designed specifically for the post-lockdown environment.  Hybrid in nature, it can be delivered online, in person, or a combination of both.  Participants will develop the confidence and competence to adjust and transition back to work, and to return to a high level of functioning while effectively managing stress and anxiety.

Online Masterclasses

Each module has a number of lessons that can be delivered via live online seminars, as pre-recorded video lessons or in web-based text for self-study.  Lessons offer a combination of education and insight, evidence-based techniques, behavioural experiements and reflective activities.

Q+A Tutorials

Every module offers an accompanying tutorial in a more interactive, relaxed style.  Participants have opportunity to submit questions prior and sessions are tailored to the groups’ needs.  Tutorials offer participants a community for support, opportunities to hold each other accountable and celebrate success.


Tools + Resources

Each module is jam-packed with practical activities to build confidence, resilience and the skills to thrive.  These tools will empower participants to step outside comfort zones, expand thier social and emotional repertoir and start to take social risks on the path to success.


Preparing for and adjusting to the new workplace.

Understanding the changes and purposefully stepping into the next chapter with realistic optimism.


  • Wellbeing
  • Realistic Optimism
  • Upgrading Priorities
  • New non-negotiables
  • Future vision

Reflecting on the past to reconnect with professional identity, then strategically choosing to play to own strengths.

Recreating work purpose and developing revitalised success factors.


  • Deconstructing Achievement
  • Core Values
  • Personal Strengths
  • Higher Purpose
  • The New Me

Upgrading mindset, coping mechanisms and social competence to leverage new opportunities and unlock agility.  This is the toolkit required to move from functioning to flourishing.


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Growth Mindset
  • Thought Mastery
  • Assertiveness
  • Networking + Feedback

Constructing a challenging, yet realistic vision for the future and rallying resources to support growth.


  • Post-traumatic Growth
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Mentors + Sponsors
  • Scenario Planning
  • Designing the Future



If you believe the women in your business or community would benefit from boosting their confidence, energy and enthusiasm as they return to work, click here to complete the contact form + express interest.



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