Consulting - Melanie Schilling


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Melanie Schilling is a seasoned organisational consultant with 15 years’ experience across the Australasian and Middle East Regions.

She has worked for consulting firms in both Melbourne and Dubai, and has also run her own boutique consultancy in both regions.

Mel continues to service a select group of consulting clients, offering her own brand of positive psychology inspired products and programs.

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Are your leaders performing to their full potential?  Are you intelligently identifying your emerging talent?  Are your leaders set to leave a positive legacy?  How are you ensuring your Employer Of Choice status?  Does your Diversity And Inclusion strategy nurture and propel your women leaders?

Mel offers a bespoke service for values-driven organisations who are committed to investing in talent and leadership.  Drawing on evidence-based techniques, psychometric measures and experiential methods, her programs are high-touch, high-impact and get results.

  • One and two-day workshops
  • Conference break-out sessions
  • 12-month mastermind programs
  • Customised individual programs

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Research shows that psychometric measures are a strong predictor of job performance, and the best way to compliment a rigorous selection process.  Mel has 20 years of experience working closely with organisations to design and implement customised assessment and development programs. Mel’s preferred approach includes a combined assessment battery of cognitive ability, personality and values based measures.  This technique has proven to be a strong predictor of cultural fit and job performance for her clients.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership potential
  • Sales aptitude
  • Cultural fit

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The recent trend toward a more holistic approach to employee performance has seen organisations investing in psychologists to boost the wellbeing, self esteem and optimism of key staff.  Research supports the idea that happy employees are more likely to perform to their potential and contribute positively to the company brand and bottom line performance. Could your employees improve their attitude?  Are you making a cultural shift and need people to be on board? Do your teams need to become more self sufficient?  Are your people resilient to change and stress?

  • Winning through change
  • Becoming a self leader
  • Leading winners
  • Kick-start your epic career