But first ... let's agree on something


You work hard in your career.

You put effort into your friendships.

You're an accomplished, unique & incredible woman.

There's nothing "wrong" with you - or your life.

And you are deserving of everything you desire.

No but's.

No insulting, rhetorical questions about your love life to make you admit that, well, it stinks.

This is about you.  Just you.  And your life. Which you want to enhance.  With someone else.

And how I can support you to make it happen.

Because I've been exactly in the same place myself.




We’ve all kissed the proverbial frog along the path to finding love and we all know that prince charming doesn't magically appear after puckering up.

Sure, there are a few things out of your control in the dating game.

But one thing that lies completely in your hands is your attitude and approach to both who you are and how you date.

No matter who you are, what you do, or what’s happened in the past, YOU have the power to create the future life you want.

Make this YOUR TIME to find your ideal, perfect partner

Say GOOD BYE to your old style of dating and...

  • STOP attracting the wrong guys and repelling the right ones
  • STOP losing count of the number of bad date stories you have
  • STOP being frustrated and constantly disappointed in men who are nothing like their online profiles
  • STOP feeling exhausted by the constant dating merry-go-round and throwing the towel in every few months
  • STOP feeling lonely, under confident and anxious that you'll never meet your ideal, perfect partner
  • STOP feeling like a dating failure and single life road kill

And say HELLO to a new way of dating so you can...

  • ENJOY the dating process and effortlessly put yourself out there
  • FEEL CONFIDENT meeting new men and sharing your story
  • FILTER OUT any unsuitable men without a second thought
  • Meet QUALITY MEN who tick all the right boxes
  • FEEL INSPIRED and EXCITED by the knowledge that your next, perfect partner is right around the corner

Date SMARTER with DATEready

DATEready is about STRATEGY

Let's consider your career.

Has it evolved entirely by itself through sheer luck without you doing anything or applying yourself?

Absolutely not!

You've never sat around hoping and expecting that your dream job will fall at your feet, so why expect this of a relationship?

DATEready is about strategy.

It's about applying the smarts you've gained and used for success in other areas of your life, to your dating life.  You already have the skills you need to meet and keep the right man in a relationship; a relationship that gives you everything you want and need.

Across four modules, DATEready helps you take the learnings from other areas of your life and apply them to your love life.

What the Dating Professionals have to say...

eHarmony Australia began working with Melanie in mid 2014, and since January 2015.. Melanie has been engaged as our retained Dating and Relationship Expert. As part of the role, Melanie is called upon to share her professional expertise with a variety of audiences, including eHarmony’s members, consumers and the Australian media. Her psychological background coupled with an in depth knowledge of the local dating scene and success as a professional Dating Coach make Melanie an enormous asset to our brand as well as her clients. Her passion for helping single women and men be the best versions of themselves and attracting the right partners into their lives is evident through the articles she writes for eHarmony’s Advice Site, in media communications and when conducting media interviews on behalf of eHarmony.

Marie-Clare Sayers
Marie-Clare Sayers eHarmony Australia

Working with Melanie has been an absolute pleasure! As one of our first Australian coaches, she was eager to learn and serious about implementing IDCA's practices. As a psychologist, it gives her a unique ability to use her training to get right to the heart of the matter and affect change quickly and painlessly.  She's intuitive, a tremendously hard worker, driven to help people and is a fantastic brand ambassador for IDCA! I guarantee you that she will be single-handedly changing the field of dating coaching in Australia and her reach will extend far past that!  I cannot speak more highly of anyone in our field. Melanie is the real deal!

Hunt Etheridge
Hunt Etheridge International Dating Coaching Association

WHAT will DATEready do for you?

  • Courageous

    Be empowered to step away from any pre-conceived beliefs about men, dating and relationships

  • Connect

    Learn and develop the right mindset to attract, engage and delight your ideal partner – and know what you want from him

  • Confidence

    Harness and build your confidence to make the right decision about ‘to date or not to date’ – every time, no second guessing

  • Clarity

    Get absolute clarity about who and what you want in your next relationship

  • Communicate

    Develop your Dating Brand and tell your story with ease

  • Conscious

    Acquire the tools you need to strategically, intentionally and consciously step into your ideal, perfect relationship

DATEready is right for you if...

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve decided it should be illegal to have as many bad dates as you’ve experienced
  • You’ve fallen victim to singlehood-sympathy one too many times with lines like “don’t worry, you’ll find someone”
  • You are on the edge of breaking up with dating
  • You appreciate the power of investing back in you
  • You value what you’ve accomplished in other areas of your life
  • You can’t wait to feel the support, adoration and intimacy of a relationship that’s right for you

If you’re nodding to any of this, DATEready is perfect for you.

HOW does DATEready work??

DATEready has been specially crafted and developed using my 15 years’ of experience as a psychologist, women’s leadership coach and, more recently, a dating coach. Using a number of tools, this powerful program draws on science based methodologies like positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy to make sure that you not only enjoy the process, but that you get RESULTS.

I’ve also experienced the same frustrations that come with dating. I completely get it.

So join me in my next DATEready pogram.

There’s loads of support and material that you can access week by week and I’m with you every step of the way.

The DATEready Program Elements

  • Video Masterclasses

    Access to my weekly online learning modules where you’ll learn the critical skills you need to go from single to coupled-up as quickly as possible

  • Private Online Community

    Share and discuss your confidential dating issues with other women while getting tips from me to keep you on track

  • Playful Practice

    You will have opportunities to apply your new skills, knowledge and confidence in a safe, yet challenging environment.  I’ll be there every step of the way to offer support, encouragement and the occasional kick in the lady-pants.

  • Downloadable Worksheets

    Each module has worksheets, exercises and MP3s for you to download and work through. These tools will help you take a good look at yourself and become really clear about what you want.  It’s super practical!

Four Core Modules

Module One

Date Yourself

Your first module is all about YOU.By learning to love and appreciate yourself first, you’ll be in a stronger position to enter into a great relationship.You’ll start by taking stock of all the positive things in your life and practicing gratitude.

Then, you will learn to set yourself up for dating success and ensure that your next relationship is not only exciting and fabulous, but also sustainable.

Module One offers the following lessons:

  • Live your best life
  • Play to your strengths
  • Surround yourself with positive people

Module Two

Positive Dating Mindset

Next, you’ll take a look inside yourself to explore your own barriers to success. Do you sabotage your dating and relationships? We’ll then take a journey into your dating history and look forward into your dating future. This will help you gain clarity about what’s worked for and against you in the past, and enable you to build a realistic and congruent vision of what you really want in your next relationship

Module Two offers the following lessons:

  • Realistic Optimism
  • Inner Voice Mastery
  • Learn From The Past
  • Create Your Future

Module Three

Personal Dating Brand

Your Dating Brand is made up of the way you present yourself to the world and the way people perceive you. You’ll examine your own brand from the inside and outside, develop a clear brand message that you will be proud to share on dates, and clarify what really belongs on your ‘Ideal Partner List’. This will build your confidence when communicating with potential dates online and interacting on real dates.

Module Three offers the following lessons:

  • The Inside
  • The Outside
  • Brand ME
  • Ideal Partner

Module Four

Authentic Dating Strategy

It’s time to get practical. You’ll spend some time on your online and offline dating strategies to make sure you’re attracting the ‘right’ people and screening out the ‘wrong’ ones. And finally, you’ll get the chance to practice some advanced communication skills and receive some feedback to help you build fantastic rapport with your potential dates.

Module Four offers the following lessons:

  • Online Dating Strategy
  • Offline Dating Strategy
  • Playful Practice # 1
  • Playful Practice # 2

JOIN ME and get DATEready today

The premium edition of DATEready is now closed for 2015. The premium program is a long-term, intensive program offering a combination of online and 1:1 dating support, and is priced at US$1,997.

The good news is...

...that you can still get instant access to the Express version of the program. You will be invited into the online learning environment where you will have access to all the video masterclasses, downloadable worksheets and MP3s. Once granted lifetime access, you can re-visit the content whenever you need it and even re-do the exercises when it suits you. You will also have the opportunity to join the exclusive DATEready private forum for 24/7 access to a close knit support group of single women just like you.

And you can have all this for just US$497.

I understand cash-flow can be tricky as a single woman with an already full life, so I'm offering you a payment plan option too.

Is DATEready for you?

The DATEready program is an intensive and high-impact program, designed for women who are genuinely ready to step into their dating spotlight and make the change required to achieve their deepest desire - a relationship with their ideal, perfect partner.

It's not for everyone.  Making sustainable change in your life takes courage, confidence and the willingness to be vulnerable in a very intimate part of your life.  But most of all, it takes heart.

 Are you ready to get DATEready?

Still have questions?

Here are some of the most common questions about the DATEready program.  If you have additional questions, drop me a line at melanie@melanieschilling.com and I'll be happy to get back to you.

  • Q.I'm a busy woman. What if I can't get through all the content in 4 weeks?

    A.No worries.  You can work through the masterclasses at your own pace and re-visit them whenever the time is right for you (there is no time pressure here).

  • Q.How much is the investment?

    A.The Express program will typically be priced at USD$697, however given this is the launch period, I’m offering it for USD$497.

    If you are Australian, this price will include GST.

    A payment plan is also available.

  • Q.What if I get into the program and realise it's not for me?

    A.If you fully commit to the program and complete all the required course content over the first 10 days and decide that you have made a mistake, I will offer you a full refund.

    I will need to see your completed worksheets and we’ll have a conversation about your decision.

  • Q.Will you match me with my ideal, perfect partner?

    A.No.  I am not a match-maker, I am a psychologist and dating coach and my role is to empower you to initiate and sustain your own relationship.

  • Q.What about the V.I.P invitation to live workshops? {Premium Members only}

    A.As a member of my DATEready Premium program you will be invited to attend any live events that occur during your program, as my guest.  My live workshops are typically based in Melbourne or Sydney, Australia and you will need to take care of your own travel arrangements.

  • Q.What if I meet The One and I'm only part way through the program?

    A.Great! What a fabulous problem to have.  If this happens you will find that the DATEready program is highly relevant to your new relationship and sets you up for success.

  • Q.When can I schedule my two 1:1 sessions with you? {Premium Members only}

    A.The initial session will be scheduled for the  first week of your program.  The timing of the second is up to you.  You may like to pencil it in for the final week of your program and bring it forward if you need it earlier.

  • Q.What if I want to re-visit one of the modules after I have finished the program?

    A.No problem.  You will have lifetime access to all the modules (including updates) and the online forum