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Can’t get away for a self development retreat?

Don’t worry, I”ve got you.

Join me in Sydney for my URBAN RETREAT – no need to travel or take time off work, just pop 2 hours in your schedule each week for 6 weeks.

You will transform your mindset, confidence, wellbeing and outlook on life …  and prepare to step into your best life.

Now that’s worth investing in.

What is Lifeography?


The Lifeography curriculum is built on evidence-based techniques derived from positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy.  What does this mean?  It's proven to work in a clinical setting AND is the mot powerful way for you to achieve fast, sustainable results

Small Groups

Each group size is capped at 8 women.  This is to ensure a confidential, intimate experience where you feel safe to share, open up and maximise your opportunities for transformational change.  You will get to know each other deeply and have quality 1:1 time with me


This is not an online program - it's real, live, in-person and vibrant!  We meet in a fabulous, private, inner-city location each week for a 2-hour session (including wine time).  Between sessions, we stay connected via a private group chat AND you have email and DM access to me 24/7

Hi, I’m Mel

You may know me from Channel Nine’s Married At First Sight or perhaps you’ve attended one of my corporate programs.  You may have seen me speak or perhaps we’ve worked together one-to-one.

In case we haven’t met personally, here are a few things about me:

  • Australian registered psychologist
  • Qualified personal and business coach
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy practitioner
  • 20 years consulting, coaching and counselling experience
  • Private practice, corporate and small business experience
  • TV presenter
  • Late-blooming Mama

My family and I are based in tropical Bali and travel across Australia and the UK for media, speaking and client engagements.

Lifeography is my second baby (my 4-year old daughter should probably come first!).  This program is based on my 20 year professional career, drawing on the best of psychology, coaching, NLP and CBT.

I have distilled all the techniques that I have seen to work for my clients, and are backed by research, to bring you the best of the best.  The strategies, techniques and projects within the Lifeography program have proven time and again to create real, sustainable change in my client’s lives.  I first ran Lifeography in Melbourne in 2010 and have continued to build on the curriculum as I’ve rolled it out in Dubai, Bali and London.

If you are ready to step into your life spotlight and choreograph your best life, then I’d love you to join me in the next intake of Lifeography.

“LIFEOGRAPHY is custom designed for women like YOU – women who tick many of their life boxes but feel something is still missing.  Women who have achieved amazing things in life, but want more.  Women who know that they have only scratched the surface of life and potential, and are ready to soar “


Either jump on board now so you don't miss out (remember, only 8 places per program) or join the mailing list for more information


Week By Week

Week One // SEE Yourself


Upgrade your self understanding and personal insight.  Get to know yourself on a whole new level and uncover key areas of your life that need your immediate focus.

Week Two // HEAR Yourself


Develop a positive mindset, master your inner voice and learn to overcome internal barriers to success.

Week Three // UNDERSTAND Yourself


Discover your core personal values to enable you to live an aligned life.  Connect with your deepest drives and needs and integrate these into your everyday life.

Week Four // LEAD Yourself


Develop a clear vision for the future you want to step into.  Set meaningful goals to move toward your ideal life.

Week Five // NURTURE Yourself


Discover and maximise your own personal strengths and learn how to tap into your greatest motivators.  Discover how to invest in yourself whilst achieving your goals.

Week Six // SUSTAIN Yourself


Set your long term positive intention and strategy for ongoing, sustainable success.  Know your barriers and put actions in place to overcome them.

Celebrate your success!

Why Does Lifeography Work?

The research shows that adults learn most effectively when presented with information in three ways – cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally.  Each of the 6 Lifeography sessions incorporates the three learning domains by presenting intellectual information to appeal to your left brain; stimulating emotional reflections and reactions, pleasing your right brain; and inciting practical, goal-directed behaviour within and between sessions to consolidate your learning and embed new behavioural patterns.




The cognitive activities activate the left side of the brain to help you analyse your life and create practical problem-solving strategies.  By considering theories and models, brainstorming ideas and restructuring your thinking, you will build a sustainable framework for a new way of living.




The emotional activities engage the right side of the brain to tap into your creative resources.  By activating emotional responses, you will deeply connect to your cognitive work and ensure that your action plans are clearly connected to your greatest needs.  This is the foundation for building self esteem.




The behavioural activities integrate the cognitive and emotional to activate results.  You will take decisive action both in session and between sessions – your personal projects and experiments will be the game-changers in your Lifeography journey.  Your new behavioural patterns will quite literally change the direction of your life.

Lifeography Is Not …

  • An online set-and-forget program – unlike other self development programs on the market, Lifeography does not offer an online componant – this means you have real, in-person interactions with myself and your group, we have real, live conversations and build real relationships.
  • A replacement for therapy – Lifeography is group based coaching that provides support, advice, strategies and skills but does not offer therapeutic intervention
  • A place to judge – the real value of group programs come from the safety and security felt by every member.  Lifeography is a judgment-free zone which means you can be comfortable to open up and be vulnerable – this is key to your transformational change
  • A deep-dive into your past – Lifeograpy is based on a short-term, solution-focused approach which means, although you’ll briefly review your past, you will be mostily looking into the future and focusing on things in your life you have the opportunity to change
  • The easy way to get results – Lifeography is not easy, it’s not a short-cut, nor is it ‘the answer’.  It takes courage, vulnerability, accountability and real work.
  • A place to whinge – No! One of the key principals of Lifeography is optimism.   Of course, we all have pain and hardship in our lives and its important to acknowledge this.  However, Lifeography is your opporunity to find the lessons and opportunities in your life experience and to create a different future for yourself.


Either jump on board now so you don't miss out (remember, only 8 places per program) or join the mailing list for more information


2019 Program Schedule


Got a holiday planned?

We’ll gather together each week for a relaxed and engaging session on the tropical island of Bali.  What better place to let go of your limitations and open yourself up to all the possibilities your life has to offer?


Monday evenings at 6pm are perfect for you if you work in the CBD and can commit to a regular after-work timeslot.  Straight from the office, you’ll get to switch off and set up your week in a positive, motivated and energised manner.


Or maybe a Saturday afternoon at 4pm suits you better.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the working week, slide into your weekend with optimism, inspiration and self-care.

Imagine …


It is the end of 2019.

You have completed Lifeography + are feeling strong, calm + in control of your life.

You have made choices about the direction of your life + the people you want in it.

You have overcome barriers + limitations, + your confidence has catapaulted.

You know who you are, what you want + how to get it.

You are on the path to living your best life.

It’s time to celebrate!

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