Most Aussies are romantically LAZY – Are you?

Oh dear. Romantically lazy, what on earth could this mean…?

eHarmony has conducted another round of ground-breaking research into the life and love of Australian singles. This time, the results are, let’s say … a little confronting.

The good news is that most (51%) Aussies place a high priority on finding love or entering into a deeper, more meaningful relationship. This means that there is a large proportion of Aussies just like you out there, joining you in the search for love. It’s highly likely that your own ideal, perfect partner is among them.

The bad news is this: most people dedicate only one hour per week toward the pursuit of finding love.  One hour! That is less time than they spend watching TV or chilling out in front of a movie (6.8 hours per week), exercising (3 hours per week) or reading (2.5 hours per week).

What could you actually achieve in one hour per week?

  • A quick glance at your online matches
  • A few sips of a coffee with a date
  • The opening credits of a movie date
  • A superficial ‘chat’ with a date on the phone

Nothing of substance. Right?

To rub a little salt in the romantic self-sabotage wound, not only are we lazy, but many of us also have our head in the clouds. 65% of Aussies believe that love is not something to actively search for, rather ‘love will find you’. I think this is code for ‘I’m not prepared to take responsibility for my own relationship status so I’ll tell myself it’s beyond my control’.

How Can You Improve Your Dating Results?

Dating, like any aspect of life requires goal-directed action.  As the old cliché goes, you only get out what you put in. Now, I’m going to make the assumption here that if you are currently engaged in online dating, you probably already subscribe to the ‘my destiny is in my own hands’ mindset.  This is a great start.

So, the next thing to focus on is your action-taking. If you’re anything like most Aussies, you could do with some attention here.

Have you ever thought about how important finding a partner is to you?

On a scale of 1 – 10, how important is it to you?

If you rated this higher than 5, chances are you are ready to step into a relationship with your ideal, perfect partner. But, are you investing enough of your time and energy on a weekly basis toward achieving this goal?

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