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Here is a sample of some of the programs Mel has designed and developed.  She has 20 years of experience as a corporate consultant and personal coach, and is open to developing customised programs to suit specific needs.

As a thought leader in courage and confidence, her online programs and in-person events are designed to build self esteem and confidence, to broaden self leadership capabilities and to inspire her participants to be their best.

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Public Program

Online program designed to build your courage + confidence.  The C Word is currently closed but click the image to sign up for the waiting list and be the first to hear when registrations open again.

Corporate Program

This is a highly customised online + workshop program for companies who place a strong value on people. Back To Me will enable employees to return to the post Covid workplace in an emowered, confident and successful manner.  Specifically designed for female talent but also available for diverse groups.

Video Interview Series

Mel created this free interview series with a range of experts to uncover the best coping strategies for the lockdown experience.


Caroline, Adelaide, SA

When I met Mel, I was in a state of uncertainty. I didn’t like my job, and wanted a change but didn’t know what that might look like. Then fate took over. On the day Mel and I planned for our initial chat, my role was made redundant. Talk about perfect timing for her to come into my life! Looking back now I can see it was the best thing that could happen to me, but at the time the redundancy hit me for 6, not only was I out of a job, I didn’t know what type of job I wanted to look for, plus my confidence and self-esteem took a massive blow.

But I took the time out to really decide what I wanted to do. With Mel’s help, the process was a lot less stressful. She shared with me some great tools which helped me understand what was important to me, not only in my work life but in every areas of my life. With these tools, even 8 years later, I constantly draw on them to help me make the tough decisions when needed and I’m able to do it with confidence. “This is what’s important to me, therefore I’m going to do this”. Knowing who you are and what’s important to you is a very powerful thing to have under your belt.

There are times in your life when you look back and realise certain incidences are when things changed for you. One of those times for me was 8 years ago and I know the work I did with Mel was a big part of why I’m now where I am today, loving my direction with my career and continuously stepping out of my comfort zone through all areas of life because I have the tools to guide me, which gives me the confidence to take on whatever life throws me. And if I ever need a top up, I tune into listen to Mel speak through one of her social media channels. Which, if nothing else, gives me the reassurance that I have all the answers within, I just need to have a little more confidence in myself!

Thanks Mel, you’re a true gem Cx

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