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Mel is currently primarily focused on her media and commercial projects and as a result, has very little time to work directly with clients. But, given her passion for providing education and inspiration for her tribe, Mel is offering a range of free and cost-effective digital products.

Here is a sample of the programmes Mel has designed and developed. She has 20 years of experience as a corporate consultant and personal coach, and is open to developing customised programmes to suit specific needs.

As a thought-leader in courage and confidence, her online programmes and in-person events are designed to build self esteem and confidence, to broaden self leadership capabilities and to inspire her participants to be their best.

The C Word Programme


Dating Safety Checklist


Bonus Bundle


The C Word Audiobook


The C Word Book


Back to Me


One Confidence Hack Masterclass


Imposter Syndrome Masterclass


Client kudos

The most powerful thing was her being able to stop me in my tracks if I was going down a unhelpful thought pattern that I couldn’t see myself and call it out in a respectful and empathetic understanding way backed up by all her knowledge and insight together with helpful positive actions to focus on after. Mel’s a great role model. Kind and empathetic but also strong, intelligent, experienced, insightful with a really uplifting positive and motivating energy and has zest for life and a great purpose to help empower women to reach their potential.
I’ve gained such an insight into myself and my emotional reactions, understanding where I have lost confidence and how to reclaim it – because of this I feel I am better equipped to tackle new challenges and push myself to be the best I can be. Every challenge or success along the way I have felt more and more confident in addressing, I feel proud of myself and am able to recognise growth in myself. I think it would be of benefit to everyone to complete and feel empowered and proud of themselves and their own journeys.
I admit to being trepidatious when I first met with Mel. I was a bit sceptical about what I probably categorised as the “self-help” industry and working with someone high profile.  My concerns quickly dissipated, when I met this unexpectedly down to earth, relatable Mum and confidante. While Mel is an expert and coach, what it really feels like is learning from a good friend or sister – which in turn allowed us to quickly develop trust and rapport. Mel took a wholistic approach which helped me build confidence in areas I didn’t even know were lacking. I can say that I have been buoyed in everything from career goals to self-image, sometimes without even realising the flow on effects of the conversations and techniques gained in our sessions.
Raina, 35Dubai, UAE
I would gladly recommend Mel, to anyone who is having self-doubt in any sphere. Her ability to listen and adapt to your needs is so terrific and she has an uncanny ability to connect the dots with you. I went in self-diagnosed, about my issues with body image and dating. However, Mel’s steps in helping me identify my core values and beliefs and how they related to my goals, opened up my ideas and options. Aligning my confidence journey with how I see myself contributing to the world, was a little game changer. Mel helped me think outside myself, which created a better self – worth.
Cherry, 43London, UK
There are times in your life when you look back and realise certain incidences are when things changed for you. One of those times for me was 8 years ago and I know the work I did with Mel was a big part of why I’m now where I am today, loving my direction with my career and continuously stepping out of my comfort zone through all areas of life because I have the tools to guide me, which gives me the confidence to take on whatever life throws me. And if I ever need a top up, I tune into listen to Mel speak through one of her social media channels. Which, if nothing else, gives me the reassurance that I have all the answers within, I just need to have a little more confidence in myself! Thanks Mel, you’re a true gem.
Carolyn, 36Adelaide, Australia

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