The Back To Me Challenge – especially for Melbournians in lockdown 2.0

OK MELBOURNIANS – So, we are back in lockdown.  Our kids are heading into another period of remote learning.  Let’s take a collective deep breath and figure this out together … it’s tough, but we are tougher! 

This time around … it doesn’t have to be hard.  It doesn’t have to be stressful.  We don’t have to resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms.  We don’t have to eat and drink ourselves into bodies we don’t recognise.

Let’s do this together – join me this week in a ONE WEEK CHALLENGE as we set ourselves up for a *Lockdown, The Sequel* that rocks.

Let’s OWN lockdown this time around.  Each day this week I’ll be sharing a tip to help you create a more empowered, more stable, less anxious and less scary lockdown experience. 


Are you with me??? 


Let’s kick off our week by reviewing how our lockdown experience went last time and extracting the lessons.  I’ve spoken with so many people who came out of lockdown 1.0 with regrets: ‘If only I’d … been more focused on play than schooling with my kids/given more thought to my food and drink intake/been more active/taken the opportunity to invest in myself/meditated or done more yoga …’ 

The silver lining here, is that we get a second chance.

So, rather than entering into lockdown *The Sequel* on autopilot, let’s be intentional, conscious and strategic about the choices we make and they way we decide to live in lockdown.

The first step is to review your previous experience.  Ask yourself:

// What could I have done MORE of?

// What could I have done BETTER?

// What could I have done DIFFERENTLY?

// What could I have done LESS of?

Your answers to these questions will help you start to create a picture of your preferred way of living in lockdown 2.0.  Remember to be self-compassionate as you ask these questions; the point here is to develop insight (not beat yourself up).


Now that you have reviewed your first lockdown experience (see yesterday’s post), it’s time to start looking forward. By now, you should have a good sense of what worked for you last time and what did not serve you so well.

Now, it’s time to decide WHO you want to be in lockdown 2.0.

This is about *starting as you mean to go on*. Rather than making excuses or delaying taking the fist step, this is about beginning to BE who you want to be today. Start to SEE yourself as this person already (even if you have work to do in order to get there).

Close you eyes for 1 minute and IMAGINE yourself doing all the things you want to be doing during Lockdown The Sequel … What do you notice about yourself? What thoughts are present? What feelings are coming up? What behaviours are you doing?

NOW – what can you start doing TODAY to become this person?

GET PRACTICAL – If you see yourself exercising every day, start laying out your exercise clothes the night before. If you see yourself eating healthily, start engaging in food prep. If you see yourself playing with your kids, allocate a specific time and place for unstructured play each day. If you see yourself becoming more connected with your partner, allocate weekly date nights in your diary now.


So far, you have reflected on your previous lockdown experience and considered who you want to be and how you want to live in lockdown, the sequel (see previous posts).

Now it’s time to set your lockdown 2.0 top 3 goals.

Remember, this is a sprint, not a marathon. It’s about setting specific, meaningful, short term goals. I recommend you select the *3 LIFE AREAS* that are most important to you and focus your short-term energy here.

For example:

When lockdown 2.0 is over, I will >>>

// be proud that I have exercised every day

// be delighted that I have mastered 5 new recipes

// feel grateful that I have had a daily playdate with my child

In this example, we are focussed on fitness, cooking and parenting. But you may select other areas like health, gardening, relationships, art, sport, spirituality, social media, finances, weight or writing.

So, define your top 3 goals and set weekly pop up reminders in your phone to keep yourself on track.


After the first lockdown experience, many people commented that they learned ‘who their real friends were’ or they noticed the people they felt motivated to stay connected with versus those they were happy to let drift away.

This time around, I challenge you to make more conscious decisions about whom you surround yourself with.  Consider what you learned from lockdown 1.0 >> reflect on what you want to leave behind, who you want to be in 2.0 and the top 3 goals you have set for yourself.

WHO are the key people who will ENHANCE your lockdown 2.0 experience?


This week, you have reflected on your previous lockdown experience, decided who you want to be in lockdown 2.0, set your top 3 goals and decided who you want to surround yourself with during lockdown (see previous posts) 

Now, it’s the FUN part!  How will you reward yourself at the *end of each week* when you tick off your progress against each goal? 

COMMENT BELOW with your reward ideas and I’m sure you’ll spark ideas in each other. 

I hope this 5-day challenge has helped you to re-set your lockdown approach and set you up for a more positive, empowered, intentional experience.  Pop into the comments below and let me know how this worked for you.


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