BLOG | The C Word - Melanie Schilling


Meet Mel + The C Word

Melanie Schilling is an Australian specialist in human behaviour and performance. She has built a 20 year career as a therapist, business consultant and leadership coach for high performing people. A thought leader in Courage and Confidence, Mel draws on her background in psychology, as well as stage and screen performance, to ensure her speaking and consulting engagements are highly informative, actionable (and always entertaining!)

The C Word means many things to Mel, most importantly CONFIDENCE.  This is her favourite C word and has underpinned every bold move she has ever made, every career choice, business risk and life decision.  Mel is excited to share her experience of living a Confident Life and offer tips and advice for being more confidence into your dating and relationships, career and business and most importantly, your wellbeing and mental health.