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Join Me Online for 90 Days


IMAGINE … emerging from the isolation period as a stronger, happier, more confident version of yourself

This can be a time of transformation and a time to not only survive … but thrive.

Join me for 90 days of confidence boosting, community building + whole new way of being your best.



When I met Mel, I was in a state of uncertainty. I didn’t like my job, and wanted a change but didn’t know what that might look like. Then fate took over. On the day Mel and I planned for our initial chat, my role was made redundant. Talk about perfect timing for her to come into my life! Looking back now I can see it was the best thing that could happen to me, but at the time the redundancy hit me for 6, not only was I out of a job, I didn’t know what type of job I wanted to look for, plus my confidence and self-esteem took a massive blow.

But I took the time out to really decide what I wanted to do. With Mel’s help, the process was a lot less stressful. She shared with me some great tools which helped me understand what was important to me, not only in my work life but in every areas of my life. With these tools, even 8 years later, I constantly draw on them to help me make the tough decisions when needed and I’m able to do it with confidence. “This is what’s important to me, therefore I’m going to do this”. Knowing who you are and what’s important to you is a very powerful thing to have under your belt.

There are times in your life when you look back and realise certain incidences are when things changed for you. One of those times for me was 8 years ago and I know the work I did with Mel was a big part of why I’m now where I am today, loving my direction with my career and continuously stepping out of my comfort zone through all areas of life because I have the tools to guide me, which gives me the confidence to take on whatever life throws me. And if I ever need a top up, I tune into listen to Mel speak through one of her social media channels. Which, if nothing else, gives me the reassurance that I have all the answers within, I just need to have a little more confidence in myself! 




This is a 90-day online group coaching experience, for women.

Each month, we will focus on a different theme to build your confidence – starting with yourSELF, then to your relationships and your career.  Some weeks we’ll dig into specific tools and practices you can introduce into your daily life, other weeks we’ll conduct experiments and unpack how we can work together to boost your confidence and self efficacy.

Weekly Group Coaching

We will have a weekly video date as a group.  You can submit your questions ahead of time and I’ll provide advice, tools and ideas.  This is our weekly opportunity to ‘virtually’ connect, see each others’ smiling faces and learn from each other.

24/7 Online Community

You’ll be invited into an exclusive and private Facebook Community, just for The C Word Prequel members.  I’ll be in here regularly to respond to your daily dilemmas, but more importantly, this is where you will connect with each other, share stories, brainstorm together and offer and receive support.


Tools + Resources

Each week, I’ll share a specific activity for you to complete.  These activities are designed to expand your comfort zone, practice new behaviours and start building your confidence.  As a support group, you’ll hold each other accountable, offer ideas and suggestions and celebrate the small wins.





This option will work for you if you are looking for a supportive, collaborative, group-based experience.  You will enjoy weekly group video calls, actionable tools and activities and your Facebook community for accountability and celebration.


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This option will suit you if you are looking for more than the group experience. In addition to everything The Collaboration Package has to offer, you will have a monthly private coaching session with me.  This will be confidential, 1:1 and delivered via video.  We will spend up to 1.5 hours together to go deeper on your own personal confidence journey.


Payment details
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How long does the program last?

The Prequel program runs for 90 days or 3 months..  This is intended as the ‘starter program’ to lead into the full The C Word program which will run for 12 months.

When will my payments start and stop?

Your first payment will be processed on April 15th and your final payment will be processed on July 15th.

What if I change my mind?

I am happy to offer a full money back guarentee, for 14 days.  

Can I upgrade to The Independence Package?

Yes of course, you can upgrade at any time by simply sending me an email.  Having said that, my 1:1 sessions will be limited due to my time constraints so get in quick!

Is this a replacement for therapy?

No.  This program is designed to offer advice, support and resources in order to facilitate your own personal development.  This is not a therapeutic program and is not suitable for people with mental ill-health.

By doing The Prequel, will I get a discount on The C Word full program?

Yes!  You will gain access to special offers and a range of bonuses by getting in on the ground level.

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